Where we work

San Gabriel School, Escuintla, Guatemala


When BuildinGUATE and San Gabriel School crossed paths, the school was at risk of shutting down. They were experiencing very low attendance rates and it did not seem worthy of sustaining in the government’s opinions. The city government wanted to use the land and buildings to store the equipment and trucks that were used for the municipal landfill industry.

During that time, the principal asked us to get involved in helping to save the school. We believed in education being the most important source of hope in a child’s life, so we went to work fighting for the school to remain open. The relationship that began in 2014 with San Gabriel School has only continued to grow.

In 2014, there were 60 students attending school. Today, there are 180 students enrolled in Elementary School, 70 in Middle school and an additional 8 High School students enrolled in a satellite campus in the city of Escuintla. We have made an agreement with the Superintendent to raise grades and attendance, which we are supporting through multiple initiatives. We have also established a relationship with the Board of Education, to gain accreditation in hopes of building more schools some day.

BuildinGuate also partners with the school by sponsoring students tuition and supply fees. We are honored grant families the ability to keep children out of the workforce by covering the cost of sending them to school.

In addition to sponsoring students, we sponsor three teachers. This allows the school to better serve their students and to accommodate for larger class sizes. The teachers we sponsor have such a heart to serve their students to the best of their ability. It is an honor to provide them with the opportunity to do the work they enjoy.

Lastly, we have the opportunity to host Career Days and Field Trips throughout the school year. Our hope is that these experiences broaden a child’s hope and knowledge, so that they can dream big dreams for themselves.

Due to God’s blessing, San Gabriel School is back on it’s feet and is continuing to make strides in the right direction. The future is bright for our students!


We partner with San Gabriel School through…

  1. Student Sponsorships

  2. Teacher Sponsorships

  3. School Attendance & Performance Initiatives

  4. Hosting Career Days and Field Trips

  5. Donating necessary supplies and resources