Where we work

The Land of Hope, Escuintla, Guatemala


After building a relationship with the community that was living on top of or near the municipal landfill in Escuintla, Guatemala, we were given the vision for a safe place that these people could call home.

In 2015, through generous donations we were able to purchase the piece of land that we now call The Land of Hope.

Today, The Land of Hope is a beacon of light in an extremely impoverished and desperate community. We house 16 families on the land and provide crucial resources, free of cost, to surrounding families or anyone who comes to us in need. We seek to serve the community by not only providing for their physical needs, but by addressing their spiritual, emotional, and relational needs. 

By God's grace, The Land of Hope has expanded to house men's and women's bathhouses, a community kitchen, a medical clinic, and multipurpose building that will function as a church and a community center. 


Weekly & Monthly HAPPENINGS:

3x per week: Soup Kitchens - serving a nourishing meal to the inhabitants of The Land of Hope, as well as, the surrounding inhabitants and families. 

2x per week: Bible Studies - Led by Oscar Palencia and hosted each Wednesday and Friday for anyone who wants to receive encouragement through the Word of God. 

2x per month: Formula Distribution - in effort to alleviate malnutrition, mothers can register to receive formula to increase their health and the health of their children. Available to any mother that expresses her need.  

Once per month: Church Service - held at The Land of Hope and led by Oscar Palencia.

Once per month: Health Clinics - provided by the Escuintla Health Department, available to anyone who wants to come.



  1. Malnutrition Rehabilitation Center - goal of providing 24/7 care for extreme cases of malnourishment & extending care to their families by providing temporary housing during treatment.

  2. Construction on Church and Community Center - continuing construction to enclose the building.

  3. Second Well - being dug in partnership with Servants Heart Ministries to provide for the growing need for water in the community.