Sponsorship Program

Through holistic care and education, we are empowering children to overcome the bondage and hopelessness that poverty presents on a daily basis. Our greatest hope is to see children grow and flourish, so that they may ignite a pattern of restoration and hope in their family and community as a whole.


Elementary & MIddle School Students

Build a relationship with a child and provide the necessary resources for them to pursue an education!

By sponsoring a child, you are supporting their physical needs, while being a source of light, hope, and love in their life. 

Cost: $30 per month 


HIgh School Students

Build a relationship with a high school student, who is courageously pursuing their education. 

By sponsoring a high school student, you are providing the necessary funds and support to empower a student to live beyond the cycle of poverty in their community.  

Cost: $45 per month 


School TEachers

Build a life-giving and encouraging relationship with a school teacher, who is passionate about serving children.

By sponsoring a teacher, you are providing them with employment and enabling the school to continue offering the best education possible for each student in the community.