Bare Hands BAre Fruit

Bare Hands Bear Fruit is a non-profit organization working with indigenous communities within the country of Guatemala to provide sustainable food sources to their families for future generations. Work teams have visited the Land of Hope to plant trees and support us in our building projects. 

BEach, NOrth Dakota Team

Through our partnership with this committed and loyal team of friends, we have been able to purchase The Land of Hope. As their team has visited the land, multiple homes have been built on the land and the community in La Colina has been poured into. The team is also partnering with us to build Casa Alecia, our malnutrition rehabilitation center. 

ER Abroad: Mission possible

Twice a year, ER Abroad visits The Land of Hope to administer health clinics to our community. Through these clinics, the many physical needs in our community are addressed and cared for.

Escuintla Board Of Education

Through our partnership, the Escuintla Board of Education has allowed us to pay teacher salaries and contribute to the school curriculum, which has enabled San Gabriel School to remain open. As we partner with the Board, we are gaining accreditation to build schools. 

Escuintla Health Department

Through our partnership, the Escuintla Health Department has established an active health clinic at the Land of Hope. The health department hosts regular clinics administering medication, family planning counseling, and vaccinations.

Generations Church

Generations Church sends missionary teams to serve at The Land of Hope. The church body is committed to praying for the Palencia family as they carry out the call to work in the mission field. 



The IMAC organization has supported many of our projects at The Land of Hope. IMAC has donated the funds to build multiple homes, as well as our Soup Kitchen facilities. IMAC also supports our community by sending the necessary medical supplies to stock and operate our Health Clinic. 

Leah's Kids

Once a year, Leah's Kids sends a mission team to the Land of Hope to serve and further many of our projects. Throughout the year, this organization is providing emotional and spiritual encouragement for our team in Guatemala. Due to their financial support, we have been able to continue our work and expand our initiatives.

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University partners with us by sending multiple mission teams to The Land of Hope. Their teams assist with construction projects and medical clinics. They also pour into our community by sharing the gospel of Christ.

Potter’s Field Ministries

We partner with the Potter's Field Ministries on various projects. We participate in their Missionary Training Program, called Ignite, so that we may serve our community with all that we have!

SerVants' HEarts Ministries

Through our partnership with Servants' Hearts Ministries, we have been able to provide a sustainable source of water at The Land of Hope. Two wells have been dug and one water tower has been built on The Land of Hope. The water tower houses two large cisterns to collect rainwater. Due to this partnership, we have been able to significantly improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve in Escuintla. 

South Tulsa Baptist CHurch

South Tulsa Baptist Church in Oklahoma raises the full financial support needed to enable three members of our Ground Team in Guatemala to be full-time missionaries. They have also partnered with us by giving generously and by bringing mission teams to serve at The Land of Hope. 

THRee Tenango Trading

Each summer, Three Tenango Trading sends multiple mission teams to serve at The Land of Hope. We have planted trees and gardens together to provide our community with a healthier living environment. Three Tenango Trading has also partnered with us by sponsoring children at San Gabriel School. 

Valley Forge FreeWill Baptist CHurch

Valley Forge Freewill Baptist Church is our partner church, located in Tennessee. Many members of the church partner with us by sponsoring children at San Gabriel School. Each year, the church sends mission team to serve at The Land of Hope.